The Weekly Wrap #1

The Weekly Wrap #1
Photo by Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash

8 highlights from the last week ⬇️

1/8. Writing ✍️

I wrote an essay (my 10th!). Double digits.

It's about the lessons I picked up from swimming in my teens:

  1. Control the controllables.
  2. Choose your perspective. It influences your response.
Control the controllables
Your perspective influences your response

With some references to Kipling, Frankl and Bridge of Spies.

Check it out:

2/8. Thread 📽️

Bit of a throwback here. I made a thread about Dead Poets Society and the lessons we can learn from oh Captain, my Captain.

3/8. Book of the week 📚

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Saw @joerogan recommending this earlier this year and finally got around to it - my goodness it's great!

Listening to the Audible version narrated by Peter Coyote. Lots to chew on.

The Four Agreements

Basic premise is there are many stories we tell ourselves and people (parents, society, religion etc) tell us. We must be careful which stories we agree to because those are the ones that we end up believing.

4/8. Song of the week 🎵

Sticking to the theme.

This Four Agreements deep house track, recommended by @m_ashcroft.

Now you can have a party and drop knowledge on your guests at the same time.

5/8. Video of the week 📼

@yayalexisgay on point here with the horrors of moving 😅

6/8. Lol of the week 🍿

@kylascan breaking down the 'Angles of Discussion'. Reminds me of @paulg's Hierarchy of Disagreement (if Paul had TikTok).

7/8. Crypto corner 👾

@jack firing shots this week at all the VCs, Eth bros (go team) and just being savage.

Enjoyed @balajis take in the replies. Long Balaji.

The memes have been great.

@TrungTPhan thank ser 👏

But who actually owns web3? @chriscantino gmi.

8/8. Advice of the week pt. 1 🔮

Strong stuff from my man @LBacaj

If you want to move up in your job:

  1. Add value. Make the pie bigger for everyone.
  2. Make noise. Point to how you made that pie bigger.

(Now I'm thinking of pie 🥧 . It's Christmas!)

8/8. Advice of the week pt. 2 🔮

Some more quality from @m_ashcroft. Don't rush. No point forcing things.

1st Weekly Wrap done and dusted. A weekly commitment to share the things I made and found interesting.

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Much love and merry Christmas!