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The Weekly Wrap #2

John Nicholas
John Nicholas
2 min read
The Weekly Wrap #2
Photo by Henrik Dønnestad / Unsplash

10 highlights from the last week ⬇️

Things I created and consumed this week.

1/10. I published my Annual Review for 2021.

Such a fun exercise. 🌟

2/10. I shared this thread on German words I've learned while living here for the last year. Bit of a placeholder at the moment.

3/10. Creators' Corner 🎨

Inspiration of the week. Michael showing that you can make a living by doing something you love, while helping others and having autonomy.

4/10. Advice of the week 🔮

From the sage @michaelsklar

5/10. Blog post of the week 📮

From my friend @nicrosslee

  • A Crusaders workout
  • Good tunes
  • Great conversation

6/10. Drawing of the week ➰

By @thomaselliotlee. Only his second published piece and already over 9,000 impressions and counting.

7/10. Investment knowledge of the week 📈

From @LBacaj
Summary: use your salary while you have it to gain leverage.

8/10. Song of the week 🎵

Been listening to a lot of Kelly Lee Owens while writing this week.

9/10. Crypto corner pt. 1 👾

OpenSea airdropped $SOS tokens to all the wallets that traded NFTs on their site this year. Similar to the $ENS airdrop in Nov.

Well done to those who went big 👏

@andrwwang comparing the two drops 😄

9/10. Crypto corner pt. 2 👾

A project I'm pretty excited about will launch later today @linksdao. Web3 meets golf ⛳

Roadmap: acquire one of the world's greatest courses with the NFT acting as membership.

10/10. Lol of the week 🃏

From the legend Dr. Patel CFA

10/10. Ok two lols this week 🃏

Trung with the fundamentals here:

Until next week!

If you've enjoyed this, let me know in the comments below.

Happy New Year!


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Actuary and creator.

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