The Weekly Wrap #3

The Weekly Wrap #3
Photo by Orfeas Green / Unsplash

7 highlights from the last week ⬇️

Things I created and consumed this week. Delivered straight to your feed.

1/7. I published part 2 of my annual review - the year ahead.

Main goals:
✍️ Writing: publish 20 essays, add sketches
🏗️ Building: make my first $1 online

2/7. I shared my highlights from last year as an atomic essay.

3/7. Book of the week 📚

Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson. Quick, dark and witty.

4/7. Article of the week 📝

From @slatestarcodex all the way back in 2015.

Picked it up via @m_ashcroft's Fundamentals of Alexander Technique course 🙏

Just get out of the car man!

5/7. Creators' Corner pt. 1 🎨

A Creator’s Playbook by @Tobieh87.

A brilliant thread of threads from all the experts on writing, storytelling, distribution, Twitter and more.

5/7. Creators' Corner pt. 2 🎨

Inspiration of the week from @NiharikaSodhi.

Keep building that side hustle. It’s possible to make a living and have autonomy doing what you love.

6/7. Quote of the week 📢

Via @catalinamunoz7’s newsletter:

7/7. Thought of the week 💭

From @simsilverstein’s newsletter:

“I made a promise to you, and me, that I’d write a newsletter and essay each week. I’m 100% proud of my newsletter commitment. And, I release my essay commitment—with love. See how nicely I let myself off the hook? You can do that, too. Let something go.” - @simsilverstein

This resonated with me. I was really anxious in November last year because of a commitment (to myself) to publish an essay each week. I’m much calmer now that I’ve let this go. Be kind to yourself.

Hope 2022 is off to a great start.

Back to work next week for most of us. Good luck out there. Remember this is a marathon, not a race ✌️