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This was awesome John.

Especially loved “Dead leaves nurture the ground” such a simple mantra but so true. Going through a dead leaves season and have a remember that it will nurture the ground for an upcoming spring.

Love it (:

Also +100 on Mary Oliver

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Good title :)

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Don’t panic is always excellent advice and “things will work out in the end or it is not the end” is now in my commonplace book. In my professional life, I have worked with many consulting actuaries and found that the ability to relate to a client and to understand strategy defined the best actuaries. The math was really just table stakes, certainly hard and important, but kind of a commodity.

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"What can I learn?" is SUCH a good reframe. Will be thinking of this reframe for a while.

P.S. Where can I pre-order Poor Johnnie's Almanack?

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"This taught me nothing is wasted, only repurposed.

Dead leaves nurture the ground."

John - such a great perspective, especially when paired with the reframing message that came next!

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Well-done, John

This was a worthy read

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That was awesome!

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Love these!!

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