30-second bio

📍Based in Munich, Germany. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

👨‍💻 Former pricing actuary. Now consultant and writer.

✍️ I’m a Write of Passage 7 alum and three-time Mentor.

🖼️ Co-founder of Creating Visuals for Writing - an online community for writers who want to add visuals to their essays.

📚 Bookstores are my kryptonite. Usually end up buying five books that I add to the "to-read" shelf.

🏃 Outdoor fanatic. Running is my favourite way to make friends in a new city.


✍️ Newsletter: Creator’s Corner is a place where I share advice on writing, drawing and mindset. Mainly to help people in corporate who feel stuck and uncreative (my old self).

🌐 Most popular article: Increasing Your Luck Surface Area

❓ Currently exploring these 12 Problems.

Longer take

I’m a big fan of the opportunities online writing can generate for people.

You can take any existing set of skills (coding, pricing, design, art, you name it) and by adding writing you have lift-off.

Immediately you add self-promotion, storytelling, a larger luck surface area etc. Writing shines a light on your skills and allows other people to find you.

In September 2021 I was stuck in a dead-end job. I didn’t have any followers or subscribers. I hadn’t even written an essay in years.

I just knew I wanted to create something with my life. 

Through writing and posting my ideas I’ve been able to go self-employed, sell my first digital product and create an online community for visualization & drawing.

Not to mention all the talented, curious people I’ve met along the way.

Long live online writing in all its shapes and forms. I’m grateful to share this journey with all of you.

What others have said

"I’ve read enough of your newsletters now that I actually look forward to receiving them. Keep up the great work." – Tony Lepore

"Your newsletters are great! Keep going :-)" – Paul Millerd

"An amazing newsletter, John! I always look forward to it!" – Christine Trac

"Great newsletter once again. I have come to look forward to reading them :)" - Jo Tilley

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Actuary, writer and illustrator.